Express Eco Laundromat
We are a team of dedicated people who care about the environment as well as our customers! Fortunately, reducing our footprint means reducing the price of laundry for our customers. Read up on how our advanced machines are so efficient! Do laundry for less, much less!

Auto Water Savings

We save a ton of water—as much as 30% on small wash loads. AWS automatically calculates the actual weight of the load—then adds precisely the right amount of water for best results. It significantly reduces water consumption and energy costs. AWS is only available from Electrolux, the technology leader.

High Spin Washing Machines

Faster drying time and lower gas consumption with Electrolux High Spin washers– now at 450 G-force extraction. Short laundering times and outstanding wash results combine with most loads drying for only $0.50-0.75.

Power Balance

Electrolux Super Balance and Power Balance extend the lifetime of the machine. These unique features precisely and automatically calculate the amount of unbalanced load in the washer drum, then adjusts distribution and extraction speeds to maximize water extraction. Lower maintenance costs, less vibration, maximum water extraction, and lower energy costs which all lead to you saving money on your laundry.

Eco Power

Dryers save up to 15% in gas. This unique technology determines when garments are dry and then automatically lowers the dryer temperature. Customers are satisfied because the dryer keeps turning, resulting in less wrinkling and wear on garments. With reversing dryer cylinders (standard) the efficiency and savings are even greater.

Reverse Dryers

With standard Electrolux reversing cylinder technology, garments don’t tangle so they dry more quickly using less energy. Dry more uniformly for superior results without “wet spots”. Electrolux dryers are precision-engineered for efficiency, ease of use, and superior drying results.

Sanitizing Rinse

Another unique Electrolux feature. Customers appreciate having the option of cleaning out the washer’s soap dispensers and drum prior to washing their personal laundry.

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